Automatic Mileage Calculation at Your Convenience

AutoMile is an alternative to other mileage tracking apps that require recording your car's odometer reading. With AutoMile, you simply record where you went and it’ll do the rest: looking up the distance traveled between stops and keeping a running total of miles traveled. Better yet, you can do your recording when it’s convenient for you: at the end of the day or the end of the year, it doesn't matter with AutoMile.

How I Use AutoMile in My Business

Much like PostCheck (and the Google Maps Plugin before it), I developed AutoMile to fulfill a need for my business.

Recording my mileage accounts for a significant deduction from my taxes each year. But, being a one-person operation with a lot going on each day, I'd often forget to record my odometer readings before and after each job. Then I'd end up having to go back and fill in the gaps in my log (if I remembered) or I'd spend a considerable amount of time at the end of the year attempting to look up the mileage for each job I went to.

Since all of my client's addresses are already in Contacts (Address Book) and I keep a record of all my appointments in Calendar (iCal), I can quickly and easily record where I've gone each day and AutoMile does all the calculations for me. (On average I can do my entire year's worth of mileage in a couple hours using AutoMile.)

AutoMile Features

  • Record your mileage at your convenience.
  • Go back and record mileage for past years.
  • Import your locations from Address Book, Outlook, or vCards.
  • Export reports to a CSV formatted file for Excel or Numbers.
  • Reports include monthly and annual totals.
  • Designed for quick data entry using drag & drop and handy keyboard shortcuts.
  • AutoMile will use kilometers if your Mac is set to use metric units.
  • Choose from alternative routes for each trip. (New!)