ImageReel View & organize images your way

Now Available

The ImageReel 15-day trial is now available for download. If you want to use it past the 15-day limit, please consider purchasing it.


An Apple computer running Mac OS X 10.3 “Panther” or 10.4 “Tiger”.

ImageReel is a great tool for viewing, organizing, and renaming all of your images in Mac OS X. With it's multiple viewing options, flexible batch renaming, and full support for OS X's drag & drop... it won't be long before it becomes your default image viewer.

View images five ways

ImageReel gives you five unique ways to view your images:

  • View your images in full screen, scaled to the best size for you display.
  • View images full size in a window to see your images in full quality.
  • Scale the images to fit the window. This way you can see the entire image no matter what size window you choose to display it in.
  • You can also have the window resize automatically for each image while either scaling the image to fit, or not.

Organize your images how you choose

With ImageReel you can easily save collections of your favorite pictures into an album for later viewing. But, unlike most photo album software, ImageReel doesn't make you store your pictures in some special album folder. ImageReel's albums give you the freedom to move your pictures around, rename them, and keep them in the folders you want to keep them in. ImageReel knows where to find them when you open the album later.

Powerful batch renaming

With ImageReel's flexible batch renaming functions you can quickly rename huge collections of images in one easy step. And for an added dose of power, ImageReel supports extracting a portion of an original filename by using regular expressions during batch renaming. For an example, check out batch renaming in action.

Exif metadata

ImageReel can read common Exif tags supplied by digital cameras and other software. These tags let you see exposure settings for a photo, camera make and model, and the software that created an image.