RAZR V3c iSync Plugin

Answers to some F.A.Q's

The plugin has only been tested with the Verizon (US) version of the phone. I do not know if it works under any other carriers. If you have success with the plugin and a different carrier, please let me know.

Also, I am not able to make plugins for other phones. As much as I would like to, I would have to have the phone. If you're interested in making your own plugin, you may use mine as a model to work from. There are other resources on the Internet that describe how to determine the connection strings for your phone. (If I find the time, I'll try to post my steps here.)

Bluetooth, ringtones, pictures, file transfers, etc.

I cannot offer support on how to use the phone itself or its bluetooth features. Please check the Help on your computer for general bluetooth questions. I also do not know what features are enabled/disabled under other carriers. Verizon's bluetooth features seem fully-functional with the 02 firmware, despite the documentation that comes with the phone. Verizon's 03 firmware has disabled file transfers.


Comments? Contact Me.

A Disclaimer...

Modifications to your iSync application are done at your own risk. Back up iSync before messing with it.

Where is This MetaClasses.plist File?

  1. Locate iSync.app, usually in your Applications folder.
  2. Right-click or ctrl+click iSync.app and choose "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu.
  3. Dig through the following folders: Contents > PlugIns > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > PlugIns > PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin > Contents > Resources. In that folder will be a file called MetaClasses.plist and icons for all the supported phones.
  4. Open MetaClasses.plist in a text editor or preferably Apple's Property List Editor which comes with with Developer Tools package. You did make a backup first, right?
  5. Once done editing, just save the file. You may or may not need to re-add your phone to iSync afterwards.

Adding Calendar Syncing to the Verizon RAZR

  1. First, there's probably a reason that this is disabled, again, don't blame me if your phone stops working. UPDATE (4/9/06): Seems that synchronizing a small number of events may not show any problems, however, a large number of events may very well kill your phone.
  2. Open the MetaClasses.plist file as explained above.
  3. Search for "com.motorola.razorV3cVerizon". If you dig through the child keys of com.motorola.razorV3cVerizon, you'll come across a key that says "supportsCalendarsSync". Just change this to "yes" if you're using Property List Editor, otherwise, if you're using a text editor, change the <false/> to <true/> and save your changes to the file.