Bombs!  A game for your iPhone and iPod Touch

Introducing Bombs!

Bombs! is an easy-to-play, addicting game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply uncover all the squares on the board that aren't bombs, and do it in the fastest time possible. Uncover a bomb and the game is over.

Features of the Game

A lot of time and effort was put in to Bombs! to make play as easy and fun as possible. Some things worth mentioning:

  • Simple, clear graphics. Nothing to get in your way of the board.
  • Three skill levels to play, each with their own saved best time. Each skill level was play tested to be fun yet still challenging.
  • Double-tap to place a flag on a square. No need to toggle flag-mode on and off which leads to lost time and frustration.
  • Saves your game when Bombs! is closed so you can resume it later.
  • Scrolling larger boards is smooth, quick and intuitive.
  • Animated feedback for all actions to make it clear where you tapped and what happened.

How to Play

The goal of the game: Uncover all of the squares that do not have bombs under them in the fastest time possible.

Tap a square to uncover it.

The number under a square tells you how many bombs are adjacent to that square.

Double-tap a square to place a flag on it. Flags are helpful for marking the locations of bombs and are optional. Double-tap a flag to remove it.

If you uncover a bomb, the game is over.

Find Bombs! in the iTunes App Store!