AutoMile 2.0 Documentation

System Requirements

AutoMile requires Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" or later and an internet connection. AutoMile should work in any country that is supported by Apple's maps service.


Some tips for troubleshooting potential problems with AutoMile:

No internet connection:

AutoMile cannot calculate distances without an internet connection. However, you can record where you've gone even if you're not currently connected. The next time you have an internet connection, AutoMile will recalculate those trips.

Error and Warning Icons:

If AutoMile encounters an error while looking up the distance for a trip, it will display status icons next to the stop, on the day, as well as a general notice in the bottom-left corner of the window.

Yellow warnings are usually temporary, often shown when there's no internet connection available.

Red warnings are lookup errors. These most often occur when the address for a location cannot be found. Editing the address for the location will cause AutoMile to recalculate the distance for trips involving that location.

If the errors were not caused from one of the above issues, you may just need to force AutoMile to recalculate the trips in questions. Choose Recalculate from the Actions menu.