AutoMile 2.0 Documentation

Day Itinerary (Trips)

AutoMile is based on the idea of trips. A trip consists of a starting location and an ending location. AutoMile will calculate the distance between the two locations for you.

Each day can (and often will) consist of multiple trips. For example, the itinerary for a particular day might look like this:

AutoMile will total-up the distances traveled between each stop.

Working With Stops

Drag one or more locations from the Locations list to the day to add stops. Stops during the day can be rearranged by dragging the stops into the proper order, AutoMile will recalculate the trips as necessary. To delete one or more stops, click on the stops to highlight them, and then push the <Delete> key on your keyboard.

Recording Notes for Stops & Choosing the Best Route

In AutoMile you can record notes for each stop. Notes will be shown under the location of the stop and will also be exported and printed in reports. You can also choose from alternative routes for each trip (when available).

To edit a route or record a note: double-click on a stop. If the stop is the first stop in a day, you'll only be able to edit its notes. Otherwise, you'll be shown a window like the one below:

At the top is a popup menu listing alternative routes that have been found for that trip. Choosing one will update the map to show the route. The routes cannot currently be customized.

When typing notes, <Option>+<Enter> will insert a new line in the text field.

Press the <Enter> key or click the <Save> button to close the popover and save your changes. The <Escape> key or <Cancel> will discard any changes that you've made.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of AutoMile