Google Maps Plugin

The options provided here are for your convenience to help overcome some of the quirks of Google Maps. The default settings for each section will probably be suitable for the majority of users.

June 8, 2006: This page has not yet been updated to cover the new features of the latest version of the plugins.

Where Are the Settings?

To change your plugin settings, bring up the menu for one of your addresses and select the menu item titled "Google Map Preferences". When you select it, a window will open where you can change your preferences. (Depending on your settings, you may need to hold the Option key while clicking on the address label.

General Settings

This area just provides some general settings, the characters to ignore field may come in handy for certain street names. You can also choose to add the contact's name and phone numbers to the map.

Apartment Settings

Google Maps does not like apartment numbers in addresses. Here you can list the different labels that you give to apartment, suite or office numbers. The plugin will filter them along with whatever comes after.

Country-Specific Settings

Google Maps seems to be more accurate for UK addresses when it searches only by postcode, doesn't seem to know what to do with Canadian postal codes, and has problems with US ZIP+4 ZIP Codes. Google Maps for Japan works best when it ignores the postal code and extra address information. These options will bypass those problems. As of version 2.2, the Google Maps Plugins will determin the country of your address first by checking their postal code and then the format of the address.