Google Maps Plugin

Google Directions

Using the Google Maps Plugin, you can easily get directions between your Address Book addresses or other addresses that you type in. Combined with Google's hybrid map views that combine street names and satellite images, following directions has never been easier! Getting directions is very easy to do with the Google Map Plugin.

Just Two Steps

  1. Find the address in your Address Book that you would like to use as your destination and click on its label. (If your destination is not in your Address Book, just select any address, we'll change the destination in the next step.) From the pop-up menu, select Google Directions.
  2. A sheet will appear from the top of your Address Book window to customize your start and destination. By default, the start should be an address from your personal Address Book card and the destination should be the address that you selected in Address Book. From this point, you can click the OK button to get your directions map from Google, or choose a different start and destination. You may also type in an address, for times when the address you need directions to doesn't exist in your Address Book.