Google Maps Plugin

How to Use

Using the Google Maps Plugin is easy:

  1. Open Address Book. Check to see that the Edit button at the bottom is not pressed:

  2. When you hover the cursor over an address label, it should become highlighted. Click on the label next to the address and select a Google Map menu item.

Some Tips...

Here are some helpful tips for working with the plugins and Address Book in general.

  • Properly format the addresses in Address Book. If you have an address in the UK, format it as such! The same goes for any country. Turn on the Edit button at the bottom of the Address Book window and click on the label next to the address that you'd like to change. Then, at the bottom of the menu is an item called "Change Address Format":

  • Google Maps does not work well with apartment numbers unless they're formated properly. I've tried to work around this, but it still works best if the apartment number is on a separate line. Or try PostCheck to properly format your addresses.
  • Put the parts of the address in the proper fields. Do not put the country in the postal code field, for example. =)

Download the Plugin Removal Tool

Google Maps Plugin Removal Tool — October 6, 2013
Removes all versions of the Google Maps Plugin from your Mac.
Universal Binary: 32/64-bit, PowerPC and Intel.
Mac OS X 10.5 and later.

Last updated July 20, 2014.