PostCheck 2

PostCheck is a plug-in for Apple's Address Book app, providing Address Book with additional functionality:

By using the United States Postal Service (USPS) database, PostCheck can fill in missing parts of an address, such as ZIP+4 Codes. But that's not all PostCheck does. It also formats your addresses to conform to USPS standards, such as proper abbreviations and spellings of street names.

Using PostCheck to correct your addresses helps your mail get to its destination sooner. Try PostCheck today!

How Does PostCheck Work?

In Address Book, when you click on the label next to an address, a menu appears with address-related functions. With PostCheck installed, a new item will appear in this menu, enabling you to standardize your addresses with one click.

Group Lookups

PostCheck can perform lookups on your Address Book groups, a quick and easy way to standardize many addresses at once. And when you're done, you can save the results to a log — including before-and-after comparisons and any error messages.

Customize Your Addresses

The USPS has certain rules for how addresses should be formatted. Though, sometimes things just look better when done differently. PostCheck has some options for adjusting the formatting of your addresses to suit your preferences.