Software by Brian Toth

Archived Software

I'm keeping this collection of old software here just in case someone needs them.They're completely unsupported. However, feedback is welcome as always. Don't forget to check out my latest software while you're here.


Bombs! is an easy-to-play, addicting game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply uncover all the squares on the board that aren't bombs, and do it in the fastest time possible. Uncover a bomb and the game is over.
[ iPhone | iPod Touch ]


ImageReel is a great tool for viewing, organizing, and renaming all of your images in Mac OS X. (The demo is downloadable, but no longer available for purchase. Useful for anyone that purchased it previously.)
[ PowerPC Mac ]

Razr V3c iSync Plugin

A plugin for Apple's iSync that adds basic compatibility with the Motorola RAZR V3c.
[ Mac | iSync Plugin ]