Software by Brian Toth


Stop having to remember to record your odometer readings. Calculate your mileage at your convenience with AutoMile.
[ Mac ]


PostCheck is an Address Book plugin for efficiently looking up missing ZIP+4 Codes, cites, state and formatting your addresses according to USPS standards.
[ Mac | Address Book Plugin ]

The Funny Pages

All of your favorite daily comics in one place, on your iPad.
[ iPad iOS 7.1+ ]

Google Maps Plugin

An Address Book plugin to lookup addresses using Google Maps. A better alternative to MapQuest.
[ Mac | Address Book Plugin ]

Contact Me

I welcome any questions and comments regarding my software. Please check out the support pages for the software you're having problems with in case your question is already answered there. Also, check my News page for any updates if something is suddenly not working for you.

Twitter: @briantoth